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CorbOS is an attempt to remake Ubuntu in a browser. It’s purpose is to serve as a portfolio of my javascript knoweldge. And it’s pretty sweet.

  • Simple hacky dark mode for any site

    As I type now, I am sleepy an in a dark room with my laptop. It hurts my eyes looking at most websites with white backgrounds and dark text. So, I thus present to you a bookmarklet that will hack a dark mode for the page at the ...

  • Fun with CSS3

    CSS3 is powerful and fun!  Using SVG and CSS animations, you can do so many wonderful things! Using CSS animations is more efficient than using Javascript giving smoother transitions and less processing power for the browser. The animation is rather simple for this glorious effect

  • Vanilla JavaScript Check for Class on Element

    Sometimes, devs can rely on jQuery a little too much, and forget how to check for a className without a framework to help.

  • Creating Madlibs with Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress

    I, like many of you, grew up playing MadLibs® – and I sure do miss them! So, I decided to try to make some of my own using WordPress and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. The way I set this up was to make two fields in a group: Madlib Body:  text field ...

  • How to Make a Virtual Choir Video

    I am sure you have seen some of the virtual choir videos floating around the internet recently, now that America is under lockdown due to COVID-19.  Perhaps you have wanted to try one yourself! Here is an example of one that I made a few weeks ago:, how is this ...