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Road Trip Plans

The Great American RoadTrip

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action” – George Washington

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to planning:

Trip Details

Stage 0 – prep


  • Rental car
  • easy/portable cooking stuff
  • time off work [July 4 – 22?]
  • Camping gear
  • pots/pans
  • canned broth

Stage 1 – Upper Penninsula [July 3 – 6]


  • Tahquamenon Falls
  • Pictured Rocks
  • Camping
  • See a moose or bear

Stage 2 – Minnesota [July 6-9]


  • Nerdery
  • Visit Gina+Brian (play with legos!)
  • Visit Kyle+Amy (play with babies!)
  • Visit Kaylee (play with cellos!)
  • Visit Whole Foods Market (play with food!)

Stage 3 – South Dakota [July 9-10]


  • Meet the only resident in this state: Angela Helseth

Stage 4 – Wyoming [July 11-14]


  • Visit Kim Bredehoft
  • Stay with Sassa and Stan
  • Get lost. Climb Rocks

Stage 5 – Tennessee [July 15-18]


  • Visit Nitzberg
  • Camp Tomahawk

Stage 6 – Ohio [July 19-22]


  • ABC visit
  • Heather’s wedding
  • Stay with someone

Stage 7 – Michigan [July 23]


  • Home
  • Sleep
  • Soup
  • Work

3 Responses to Road Trip Plans

  1. Sassa says:

    yes. we have large, bulbous rocks. we were up there on Mother’s Day, and I thought of you, and wished you could hike around with us, it is so pretty up there!!

    what do I need to know to feed you?

    also, have you looked at those nifty, super light-weight, foldable pots and pans sets you get at camping gear stores? could be useful with all your moving around and camping and traveling, etc!

  2. Angela says:

    There are exactly 824,082 residents living in the great, magnificent state of South Dakota.
    Excuse YOU.
    and….YEAH!!! I’ll definitely be around the 9th and 10th! Maybe the “other” resident Ryan can drive down one of those days to hang out? Bummer we couldn’t make a trip to Mt. Rushmore happen!! C’mon Corbin, I’m home ALL the time, I mean I hardly ever leave the house…and you choose the ONE time I’m about to be out of town. seriously. 😉
    I already got the 10th off work but I’ll take the 9th off too to show you all the AMAZINGLYAWESOMESPECTACULAR things SF has to offer 🙂 And if you’re spending a night or two or whatever, you can certainly bunk with my family, if you’re ok with a blow-up mattress (QUEEN size at that).
    YAY you’ll finally get to see why I brag up SD so much 😉

  3. corbinisme says:

    Yay for bulbous rocks!
    Yay for SD population!
    Yay for the blessing of being able to travel and unwind (God-willing)!

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