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(Isa 3:12)

’nuff said

the last picture: okay – apparently the Russians are plotting to claim the north pole?
check it out for yourself I dare ya! anyway… yeah.

 Dude, you can’t throw away a bat!

soooo about that…
While at winter camp this year, (as dance staff woooooooo hoo) I woke up one morning to some interesting events. I get into a little lobby are between the different wings of the lodge-dorm-thingy we were staying in, and a camper comes up to me and calmly states that someone found a bat in the shower.  I shrugged and thought to my self, “hmmm self, that is a mighty bit unusual since we don’t play baseball at WINTER camp…” THEN I see my associate, Mr. Brandon, coming out of his wing of the dorm, and into the bathroom area with socks on his hands.  I find this a mighty bit peculiar. I just stand there for a while, cuz I was still a wee bit sleepy. He came back out in a few moments with an angry, distraught, disgruntled, screeching BAT in his sock hands!  I thought… ‘oh, that kind of bat…’  it’s screeching sounded like “eeeeeehhhehkheheeeehhhh!”

I run to the door and open it for Brandon, the bat, and myself to proceed out of the dorm area (since we thought it not fit for bats). Brandon tries to shake it off his hand and it keeps on yelling at us, and biting and holding on to the sock.  finally, it releases its grip as centrifugal force jettisons it sliding across a little snow covered porch area.  we procceded to play a short game of shuffleboard with that poor little fella. (totally kidding, mostly).  he stood back off after his jettison adventure, and chewed us out some more.  In desperation, Brandon asks me (probably rhetorically in retrospect) “what do we do with this bat?”

I wisely  look around me, and determine that given our current situation (wearing shorts and flip flops in the middle of winter with an agitated animal trying to demolish us  millimeter by millimeter) that the large trash can right next to me was the best option for a bat deposit.  So I lift the lid and in goes mr. bat.  I put the lid back on and Brandon and I look at each other for a while. Shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of a poorly displaced bat in a trash can, we regained our composures and thought highly about what had just happened. (long winded attempt at a veggie tales reference…. anyway)  we did look at each other for a while, and then mr. mike comes out and asks us what we did with the bat.  we sheepishly look at each other and then the trash can.  Mike shouts, “DUDE YOU CAN’T THROW AWAY A BAT!!!”  It was then that we realized the truth of this statement.

We then tipped the can over, reached in and out came the bat kicking screaming and biting, and lodged himself on brandon’s sock once again. he placed him on a nearby tree branch which is where our story with the bat ends.  so there ya have it. kinda anti-climatic at the end I realize.  but there’s dramatization pictures!!!

the struggle with the bat (note, this was after the fact, and the bat was kind enough to pose for this)

unfortunately in the process of the previous picture, Brandon contracted rabies.

the end!

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