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Where Have all the Fathers Gone?

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El día de los padres was yesterday [*when this was originally written*].


This day is not what it used to be… We used to have more fathers to honor on this day. What happened?  It enough to see tons of natural disasters, economic crises, the natural consequences of our bad choices through the years, and the reign of terror present today,  but what is equally detrimental, yet oft ignored is our lack of fathers! This may be the number one reason contributing to our present downfall, which will only increase unless something changes with our family system.
Where have the fathers gone?

The men that would be dads have gone to other women, jail, developed AIDS, addicted to drugs or video games, gangs, or to other places and situations, usually to enable him to live a life focused only on himself, thus further hindering him from being the kind of role model and leader God designed men to live out as an honorable father.

The book of Malachi (the last book of the Old Testament) talks about this role of the father and its inherent importance. In Malachi 4:6, it reads, “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the sons, and the heart of the sons to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with utter destruction. This isn’t necessarily talking about a miraculous superhuman cataclysmic phenomenon of a punishment… it’s the natural consequence of our choices and what happens when you destroy the very fabric of a society – the family!

We think of the family as optional these days; that we can function without them, and true, we can live life without the 1950’s nuclear family stratification, but at what cost?  Do we even see how this is dragging us down into misery?

There’s a reason why the fifth commandment (according the King James Version, not the user-edited Catholic bible version of the commandments) has a promise attached to it.  [Ex 20:12] “Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long upon the land which Jehovah your God gives you.” The antonym of this would then be a curse or at least the lack of this blessing when you do not heed this command.  In a society without fathers, you cannot honor them.  Unfortunately, our bad choices affect the next generation. A child growing up without a father is much more prone to gangs, jail, abuse, and addictions statistically.  And it makes sense – without a role model in the home, who do kids turn to? Peers? Superman? The media?

In the Old Testament the word father comes from the Hebrew word AB
Ba which meant in the original word-picture language strong one of the household.
This is a much needed role. As is the role of the mother, meaning strong life giver and protector.  Mom and Dad working together to raise the family is the ideal that God designed us to have!

Boys NEED a FATHER! Yes, there are those who have turned out fine without a dad in the home, but so many times this is not true. Over 90% of men in jail grew up without a father in the home, and yet again over 90% of homosexual males had a bad or no relationship with their fathers.  Fatherlessness is a significant contributing factor to these ends. [factors leading to homosexuality is a huge topic in and of itself that I won’t get into… I feel it’s not a conscious choice, but not something you’re born with either…]

This even applies to the animal kingdom. A while back at a zoo, the management decided to transfer some of the male elephants to control the elephant population, and just leave the females to raise the elephant kids. Within a very short time, the young elephants went through a dramatic change – almost a 180 from the way they were.  They started attacking people and each other and caused as much ruckus as a 200 pound kid can!  As they were pondering why this happened, one person suggested that they bring back some of the older male elephants to be role models to keep the kids in line. As you might expect, others thought this was silly, since elephants don’t view role models like humans do, yet it was done still, and almost instantly they young elephants calmed down and co-operated once again.  No lie!  How much more should we as humans need this as well?

No fathers because there are no more marriages.
Over 50% of marriages today end in divorce.  This is ridiculous.  What happened? Selfishness? Materialism? Have we forgotten what love means?  The biggest factor is how we approach relationships.  We think that we can just carelessly share our hearts and our beds with people we’re attracted to.  We’re doing this to ourselves.  We encourage kids to ‘date’ young and often, and that heartbreak is something we just need to get over and move on from. This only teaches kids to break up when they have problems, not to work through them, as we are supposed to do in eventually marriages.  Today’s concept of dating has ruined marriage. [I Kissed Dating Goodbye – very interesting book]

In 1930, 84% of homes were inhabited by married couples (almost always with kids as well), leaving the other 16% to be younger single people and widows/widowers.  There were no homes with people just ‘living together.’ Cohabitation has put yet another nail in the coffin of the future for the next generation and any hope of a happy society. Cohabitations brings to fruition what our sinful approach to dating suggests – that its about yourself, not the other person – if things go bad you can just walk away, easy as pie. Who cares about the other person, or the kids? Just be true to your heart! [Go Disney!] Over 40% of cohabitation houses today have kids in the mix.  Kids have a much higher chance of being abused or even killed by mom’s boyfriend than they would with having their own dad in the home.  Cohabitation homes have 50% more violence than homes with married couples, and 46% more divorces occur when couples just live together first before marriage. (let alone those who never do marry)

What could possibly have happened since the 1950’s to destroy the idea of a normal family? Starting with the 1800’s – evolution taught us that we’re just animals, so we might as well act like it. So, in a Godless society, why have standards and morals? Animals don’t, and they get along just fine…

Then came Communism.  Yes, Communism. In 1917 the Russian Revolution occurred and Lenin sought to gain control of the people by the only means he could – to destroy the family structure.  When the State becomes the father, the leader of the state controls all. To do this takes a few measures.  So systematically he used his tactics, and rather successful was the outcome for him.

Here are the 4 devices Lenin used to throw out the family:

  1. No-fault divorce (you only had to send a postcard to the government and it was done – you didn’t even have to tell your spouse.  You were then free to run off with another mate)
  2. Encourage infidelity and sexual immorality (no description necessary)
  3. Approved abortion (always a big family killer, literally)
  4. Forced women into the workforce (from their otherwise contented and important role in the home)

Ahhh Lenin.  In the 1950’s America was horrified by these things he emplored, and the Red Scare was all about trying to ensure this didn’t happen to us, because if the family structure goes by the way side, there’s no hope for the future of a country! 1950’s society would be equally horrified to see that America has done those same steps voluntarily.  We swallow our own poison. Why have we followed Lenin’s evil antics?

50% of litigation and court dealings have to do with divorce.  There are agencies designed to ensure that divorce rates stay high (just as there are agencies, called banks, which aim to ensure that American stays in debt.)  Debt and divorce – they are both capitalist businesses running at our expense!

Here are the 4 things that have happened in our society gradually:

  1. No-fault divorce – 1969 the governor of California signed into law a no-fault divorce ruling. He, Roland Reagan later regretted this as his single greatest political mistake, as this led to what we have today – a mockery of marriage.
  2. Infidelity and sexual immorality – from the hippi movement of the 1960’s on into today’s media and the billion dollar porn industry… we’ve certainly come a long way from the 1950’s. Now we hand out condoms and STD vaccinations to grade school children.  Why? We know that by 8th grade they’ll probably be sexually active anyway.  Maybe on drugs as well… who knows.  Whatever makes them happy, right?
  3. Approved abortion – 1973 – this further reduces the sanctity of life and of fatherhood.  We killed the role of the father, so now to compensate we kill the next generation early, before they have the chance to kill each other. Two wrongs never make a right, in fact two wrongs make a plight. [Not getting in to this argument here either, but contemplate Jer 1:5 and Ex 21:22-25]
  4. Forced women into the work force.  – Lenin did force some, but because of the lack of the father in the home, many had to provide for a family themselves.  Believe it or not, women didn’t used to want to work in labor jobs! They used to want to be stay at home moms! I would be labeled a sexist to say that such a role was the ideal, but I will anyway. It was.

Sound familiar?

Well done us. We finished what Vladimir Lenin started. We’ve destroyed our society far worse than any terrorists or wars could – we’ve ripped it apart from the inside-out.  We’ve ripped babies out of their mothers only to kill them, we’ve ripped fathers out of the household, and we’ve ripped our hearts in and out of so many sexual relationships if and when we do get married, there is barely anything left untainted or unused.  Save the trees, but kill ourselves. This truly is a Global Warning!

Another long week has passed by – full of hours in the dark room on campus trying to get my photography portfolio together.  fun stuff, though slightly stressful and weird – art people scare me…

avoid raccoons,

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