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Palawan Places: The View

After some brief island hopping near El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, we embarked on a journey to our AirBNB place called “The View.” This place had one modern room (for the couple we traveled with) and three glamping tents on raised … Continue reading

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Philippines Pre-Palawan

Day 1 After spending time in Chicago, our motley, yet intrepid crew sleepily tarried on to Seoul, South Korea for a layover (complete with fried chicken) and then on to Manila briefly – for we were to soon depart to … Continue reading

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I see Iceland!

Our side trip (5 day layover) to Iceland was amazing! Of the 13 countries I have visited, this country felt the most “otherwordly” – I felt like I was on some alien planet in a sci-fi movie!

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Seoul Food

We definitely had some Soul Food in Seoul… and it was spicy! Word to the orthodox wise – it is hard to find Kosher food in South Korea!

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Travel Destinations!

Check out the cool places I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to visit!

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Philippines Preparation

Day 0 The Chicago Chinnanigans: When flying to the orient from Ohio, one may need to accept the fact that one needs to fly from Chicago O’Hare instead of ANYWHERE in Ohio.  Thus, we were able to secure flights for … Continue reading

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Feast of Tabernacles 2018

The gang got back together again after 20 years in Wales for the FOT!

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Weekend in England 2018

Before driving on over to Wales for the Feast of Tabernacles, we spent some time touring the good ole’ motherland!

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Saga [Viking] Museum

We got to dress up like vikings in Iceland, naturally.

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Wedding Weekend in Guate

I headed down to Guatemala for an extended weekend for a friend’s wedding! This was my third trip to the country. Some highlights:-running into the market to get candles on the wedding day-getting lost in Jaibalitos looking for the others … Continue reading

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