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Food facts

Didja Know?

Here I come again with health factoids guaranteed to amaze, astound and perplex you. All solidly researched, but not what you typically read and hear about.

1. Didja know athletes die younger than couch potatoes? If you make demands on your body, you have to back them up with good nutrition.

2. Didja know sugar beets are genetically modified and beat up on your DNA?

3. Didja know grocery store milk includes pus?

4. Didja know feeding grain to cows makes their meat unhealthy?

5. Didja know grocery store milk includes insulin-like growth factor, leading to cancers?

6. Didja know the amount of pesticides applied to apples makes them the unhealthiest fruit buy going?

7. Didja know grocery store potatoes don’t sprout eyes? Too many chemicals, not enough life.

8. Didja know farmed fish has little nutritional value? Including farmed salmon.

9. Didja know most food cans are lined with synthetic estrogen? Look for glass containers.

10. Didja know grass-fed beef has more Omega 3 fat than wild-caught salmon?

11. Didja know your brain is mostly saturated fat? No fat means no brain.

12. Didja know the endocrine system makes all its hormones from saturated fat?

13. Didja know a low-fat diet leads to disease?

14. Didja know we can’t absorb nutrition from any meal that doesn’t include fat?

15. Didja know microwaved popcorn can lead to pancreatic, testicular and liver cancer?

16. Didja know caffeinated coffee is a top-notch antioxidant?

17. Didja know caffeinated coffee contains dietary fiber?

18. Didja know stevia is chock-a-block full of good nutrition?

19. Didja know drinking water raises your blood pressure? Even more than coffee. Who knew?

20. Didja know caffeinated coffee has more nutritional benefits than green tea?

21. Didja know baking soda counteracts fluoride?

22. Didja know people with mold allergies need to go low-carb?

23. Didja know mushrooms are mold city and a no-no if you have a mold allergy?

24. Didja know flu shots cause more flu than they prevent? Prevention’s about nutrition.

25. Didja know mold attacks the nervous system?

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