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Interesting Day

My life might seem weird to the average person at times.

Today [well yesterday…err: April 09, 2008] I started off the day by sleeping in a little bit! I am a college kid with a crazy schedule – this doesn’t ever get to happen!

Okay, so obviously it gets better than just that, otherwise I would be writing a totally pointless blog, which it still may be but neverthenonetheless:

I get to campus early to pack up my robot and take it home (for those who don’t know, I made a robot outfit for a ‘recycled items outfit fashion show’ for the international student program on campus):
So yeah – I was walking around campus so I could take it to my car and take it home. Occasionally I danced.

Then I sat through art history class, making puns and plans to animate some plays on words with the guy sitting next to me (and occasionally paid attention).

I then scurried off to my 3d design class where I carved a face out of a piece of foam like crazy and discussed in detail with my classmates what turtles look like without their shells.

Came the really fun part

After going to a meeting on campus I was talking to some friends in a room with people in it. (hmm vague a bit?) Anyway, as I was leaving I started singing that good ole’ song that goes like this:

“Why do you build me up (build me up) buttercup baby just to let me down (let me down)…” Okay – you all know it, yah?

As soon as I got to the second ‘let me down’ some guys in the hall started singing along. I had no idea who they were, but we started going back and forth and sorta dancing with it and being all dramatic, as one does when singing love songs with strangers. I went down a different hall perpendicular to them, but the singing went on, and the faint echoes of the chorus continued on.

Of course I continued singing, and just as I was up to another part of the chorus that begs a response echo – and as my luck would have it, just then a guy popped out from behind a door, and sang it for me, shortly after, popping back into the office from whence he came. As I drew nearer I heard the ever growing clamor of a glorious symphony – yes indeed, the whole office had now dropped what they were doing to join me in song! I danced by the front window of the office singing my heart out along with a pile of strangers. It was at this moment that I knew I was LITERALLY INSIDE A MUSICAL!! The doorframe-popper confessed he knew all the words to the song, and knew a dance to go along with it. Naturally I expressed my newfound respect for him and labeled him my hero for the week.

This kind of stuff doesn’t actually happen in real life!

But it does in mine. I am glad to be me. I feel good about how today went.

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