The infamous and rather in-famous :: 1975 lemur landing

This event was much ignored, and highly silenced. It was the Great Lemur Landing (or GLL).

Wikipedia defines this event as:
“The largest successful landing of lemurs, known by most as the GLL, took place near Grenoble, France in 1975. The French onlookers, thought to be able to endure any sort of odd happenings, were completely shocked as they saw 3,400 live lemurs floating down from the sky in brightly colored parachutes. Some were so shocked they even shaved their underarms for the next week. The location for this event provides even more irony to the history buff: Grenoble, France was the location of 6 different French wars in the 17th century, all of which surprisingly resulted in French victory. As a sign of their victory, several French generals were rumored to have thrown live lemurs at the cadavers of the defeated opposing commanders. For this to have happened in France tended to lead many French into thinking they were recently defeated, though not in any official war. The French symbol of victory, often displayed as an oddly posed lemur, did come to mind in these events, thus giving to many youth a hope for the future. Symbols have always played an important role in the lives of the French; ranging from simple and disregarded symbols such as “Men’s room” and “No smoking,” to the daily consumption of two great symbols – the croissant (stemming out of victory over the Muslim empire and adopting the ‘crescent’ symbol revered by the Islam faith, to rub it in their faces every time they ate a delicious pastry) and also the French fry (a symbol for the defeat of the Vikings, due to their ‘spiky’ and rather salty nature). Nevertheless, this event – with great potential to rip through the headlines and involve UN intervention was surprisingly much ignored – as the average American has probably never even heard of it.”

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The following images are just dramatizations, the real footage was, of course, destroyed by the lemurs – aided by the Arab nations and the NRA.

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