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Obligatory Things

Glorious Google

Google your first name with “needs” and see what pops up…

Corbin needs his Key Lime Pie!
Corbin Needs To Stop, Hes Making The Disney Girls Sad (LOL)
Corbin Needs You to Drink, Printable Version.
Corbin needs to pay his bills
Corbin needs a little better choice of words and rhyme instead of basically “Eyes” and “Lies”.
Corbin Needs New Post Office
Corbin Needs to Borrow a ’08 250R
Corbin needs your help
Corbin needs number’s new phone
Corbin needs to shave

I do kind of like key lime pie…


AND a free bonus-note-item from a “poem” I did back in high school

The terror of the herring

Standing there across the room
A rabid fish was glaring
Realizing my imminent doom
The terror of the herring

The cunning of the fish’s wiles
The way it looked at me
He assured me that my name was Miles
Although this could not be

He tore me limb for limb, you see
With fervent motivation
He ate some limbs once attached to me
Now it’s got some constipation

I accidentally killed this fish
Innocent kids he’s no longer scaring
For a time I think I loved this fish
The terror of the herring


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