Poem for my Dad

I read this poem at my father’s memorial service July 16, 2022.

Though my dad’s life can’t be summed so quickly
If penned, his stories would take pages stacked thickly
But still I will say
Some words on this day
To share with you what made him tick

He showed kindness to all
A friend or a stranger
He’s who you could call 
If you were in danger

He gave gifts and toys
Without hesitation
To all girls and boys
With or without relation

In his class he would sing
To all of his pupils
In a voice that would ring 
Without any scruples. 

When his laugh arose
It could be heard for miles
He was invited to shows
Just to bring smiles

Always eager to help out
Regardless of how
He was always devout
To put his hand to the plow

He’d tell you his stories
Many times, you would find
But told with such relish
You just couldn’t mind

Like the time o’er in England
Back many a year
A strange lady grabbed him, yelling
“I’ve got a deathly sick boy, ‘ere!”

If mom had an inkling
Of a home project in her head
My dad would start tinkering
And poof: raised flower bed

He worked hard then retired
at 53
To be with his wife he admired
And watch AGT [America’s Got Talent]

He showed great selfless love
The true definition 
He learned from God above
And made it his mission

He would feel sad
When he watched the news
Seeing all of the bad
That people do choose

But then he’d recall
God’s hope and his plan
That Salvation’s call
Will one day be for all man

He was not a man of pride
He had great humility
He believed God would provide
Beyond his own ability

He prayed for his loved ones 
And for his nation
He longed for God’s kingdom 
With great anticipation 

Now he’s left his mark
And brought joy to this place
He was a light in the dark
Now he’s run his race

And finished it strong
He served till the end
It won’t be long now
We can see him again