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Weeping Willows

Weeping Willows

The other day on campus, amidst my stress and frustrations with classes, I was able to take a jog and end up finding a pretty little weeping willow tree just chillin’ out near some of the apartment/dorms.  I went over and just stared at its beauty for a while.  The colors were amazing! I usually find spring or summertime more beautiful foliage-wise, but the intense yellows and greens present in the willow were astounding.  I tried taking some pictures on my phone, but they don’t nearly do it justice.  I stood there under the tree and felt a number of things… For one, I felt protected.  Here I am standing under this giant plant shading me from the glaring sun and also seemingly from everything else around me at college. The tree comes down and just envelops you inside of it like a giant tree hug – in a non pro-green kind of way.  I also felt peace just listening to the wind whistle through the leaves and making braches dance around me.  I just had a chance to clear my mind.  It was humorous that as I tried to just think and meditate standing under this tree – a certain branch full of mischievous leaves kept chasing me and dancing around me.  It would hit me in the face and try to go over me, but was not able to so it kept bumping into in a seemingly playful manner.  I don’t know how branches can have personalities but this one did…  I felt like I was 8 years old again as I played a game of tag with a branch.  I suppose Freud would say I was engaging in regression, reverting to age 8 (when this sort of stuff was common) because life was easier then…  the tree started it…  anyway, it was just a nice time to chill out and such.

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