3 W’s

It’s an amazing thing that at only 23 years of age, I can already tell “when I was a kid…” stories to teens and children in the technology department.

When I was a kid, a “blackberry” was just a fruit and a “bluetooth” was not something desirable… But now I have purchased a 3G smartphone and am now able to access the Internet virtually anywhere I go!

The two 3-Ws
The world is growing ever smaller as our communications and technologies increase exponentially. We are a global society so interconnected via the World Wide Web. Those three Ws are all around us and seem to be necessary for our lives.

However, all this technology can easily distract us from certain meaningful endeavors in our Christian walk. I find myself exploring the features and apps on my phone and not making enough time for other more important things. I’ve discovered that there are three other Ws that we all need to consider: Watch, weep, warn.

It would not be an understatement to say that this is a troubled age, and it’s getting worse. We need to watch for signs of the times and stay close to God to know what’s really going on. “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming” (Matthew 24:42).

The Bible actually says that we cannot know exactly when Christ will return. But we can study the Scriptures, pray and stay close to God who does know the time of the second coming!

Weeping or mourning isn’t something that we long to do. However, doesn’t it grieve us that our nations increasingly reject God? Cause and effect: When you (or a whole country) break the rules, negative consequences occur.

God wants us to look at things as He does. He wants us to sigh and cry for the abominations that our countrymen are committing (Ezekiel 9:4). Sometimes we need to be sad for others.

Throughout the Bible Jesus instructed true believers to “warn” people about what will happen as a result of rejecting God’s way. Thus, His disciples in the New Testament actively and zealously spread the good news of the Kingdom of God.

However, few people like to hear a warning or to be told they’re wrong. One can “warn” others without condemning or holding up signs foretelling imminent destruction. How we act, what we say (in person, on a blog or on Facebook), what we pray about and how thoughtfully we support or promote efforts to proclaim God’s truth are important.

We can’t “save” people just by warning them—God has to be involved in opening minds to His truth—but we can share the truth.

We can explain God’s way and the wonderful future in His Kingdom. Those who believe what Jesus taught can help warn others in conversations about the world’s need to change its ways to God’s way to prevent some very sad consequences.

3-Ws duty
In our challenging times it’s good to know that many before us lived with a zeal to act on the 3-Ws. Yet it’s all too easy to forget the importance of these duties. The next time you’re surfing the World Wide Web, take a few moments to consider the other 3-Ws: Watch, weep and warn.

To learn more about how the 3-Ws can be part of your life, read “The Few, the Called, the Chosen.” VT

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